The Automatic 2 Speed Slicer – 1/2hp is a great choice due to its convenient features, quality components, and versatility. Get optimum results by utilizing the technology that is equipped in this slicer by food technotic. With a powerful 1/2HP, 7 amp continuous use motor, precise slice-thickness adjustment, and sealed splash zones for added protection, operators can be sure to get precision and safety in every slice. With a maintenance-free drive system and ergonomic low-profile design to reduce operator fatigue, one can be sure attention to detail was given to the well-being of the operator. Perfect for delis, stores, and other entities. The absolute finest technology and quality construction to help yield excellent results for its users.

•Permanently attached knife blade ring guard •Touch pad start/stop controls
•Dual arm lift lever for cleaning and sanitizing under slicer
•No voltage release prevents inadavertent reactivation of slicer in event of power or interlock interruption

Dimensions : 57 x 65 x 63 cm ( w x d x h )