The versatility of our ovens allows you to cook a vast amount of different products. For example: pastry products, lasagna and surely pizzas.

With a simple movement the product to be cooked is placed directly on the drive network, without having to open and close doors and use blades or other tools to bake

There is the benefit of exploiting the dragging network as a conveyor belt to bring the products into the area of use

it is not necessary to follow the cooking, as time and temperature are set beforehand

Thus, with a significant economic advantage, it takes only two people to use an oven!

The technology used in our ovens has led to the best use of the air flows that affect food. Contrary to conventional convection ovens where flows flow food in only one direction, with our ovens, foods are lapped simultaneously from top to bottom and from bottom to top by small jets of hot air. With this system, these jets of hot air completely envelop the product, while the same moves in the cooking chamber on a constant speed network (in order to obtain the necessary cooking time). The products are always cooked perfectly and with constant homogeneity over time.

Models Fcgo-135 Fcgo-300
Capacity / Hour 135 pizzas 300 pizzas
Energy GAS GAS
Power 230V (1 phase) – 120V 230V (1 phase) – 120V
Electric 0,440 KW 0,880 KW
Gas 13,8 KW 45 KW
Temperature +320 °C +320 °C
Dımensıons ( L x W x H ) 125 x 175 x 105 cm 185 x 245 x 120 cm