CAPCITY : 150 – 400 / kg per hour - Onion diameter range : min 30 - max 100 mm

A loading elevator loads a specific quantity onto a rotating perforated mesh. Brushes above the mesh helps rotate the onions and make them fall into the holes in the mesh.

The roots are cut off by 4 rotating blades under the mesh and are continuously unloaded.

The skins are incised by blades and the onions are simultaneously peeled by jets of high pressure air through rotating nozzles.The peeled onions are unloaded separately at the end of the peeling cycle through an opening controlled by a pneumatic piston.

Nozzles positioned above the mesh inject high pressure air causing the skins to be removed and ejected separately.The loading, peeling and unloading operations are timed.

It operates with an 8 bar - 3000 lt/min compressor.

Peeling cycle : 1 - 2 minutes, depending on the type of onion loaded

The PEELER gives satisfactory results when used for GARLIC, and for spherical products with the appropriate mesh.Effective cleaning and fast replacement of the peeling meshes (for processing of onions of different diameters) is possible thanks to the lid opening with a hydraulic hand pump.